Bienvenue sur le site official de Arnis Kali Doblete Rapilon, dédié au Grand Master José MENA. Nous sommes fier de vous présenter le système légendaire Doblete Rapilon, avec de très nombreuses information à propos des arts martiaux Philippins : Arnis Kali Eskrima.

This website is also a tribute to one of the Greatest Master of Filipino Martial Arts. A warrior and a teacher,a faith healer as he liked to present himself, who will let his mark in the world of Martial Arts for many years to come. Salamat Po!

GM Jose Mena has never appointed any of his student to be the Head or the Heir of Doblete Rapilon. If someone should become the sole representative of Doblete Rapilon Arnis, it should be his son Mario Mena, who learn evrything from his father and has proven many time his skills and the blood of his family.

Now, It is up to us, his students to do our best, individually or together to keep his Legacy alive. We owe it to him, to his family and to the Philippines.

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